Company Overview


The Zagame name is synonymous in Australia with family dining and entertainment and more recently with the ultimate in family holiday experiences. Beginning in 1971, when Victor Zagame opened the first Zagame’s Hotel and reinvented the family dining and entertainment experience in Australia, the Zagame family has built an unrivalled reputation for high quality menus and great service in top notch family environments.

What started out over 40 years ago as Victor’s dream to serve quality food at a good price and in elegant family-friendly surrounds, has grown into a fully-fledged family, hospitality dynasty – the Zagame Corporation.

Today Zagame’s has grown to include a number of restaurants, bars, hotels and family friendly bistros, primarily in Victoria, The Grand Hotel and Casino in Vanuatu. Led by Victor’s sons – Victor Jnr and Robert - the company also has a dynamic property arm which continues to look for investment and development opportunities in the property market both here and overseas. Robert Zagame has branched out into fashion with the launch of his own fashion label – Robb and Lulu – while Victor Jnr has found his passion racing Porsches on the professional circuit.

Similarly, the Zagame’s family bistros have become an institution for diners, especially families, looking for fine food, beautiful surrounds and friendly staff all in an environment that suits kids just as perfectly as adults. The addition of Zagame’s Kid’s World play areas, ideal for kids between 2 and 12 years-old, removes the hassle and stress of dining with energetic children, providing a welcome distraction for parents at 5 of Zagame's Bistro locations. With a view to continually refresh the experience, Zagame’s are also looking at considerable capital expenditure over the course of the next two years to rejuvenate and update each of the property holdings. And it is this eye to detail, continual investment in the portfolio, expansion plans and tradition of excellence in hospitality that will ensure the Zagame’s name is top of mind for Australian families for many more generations to come.


What Victor Zagame began at The Albion Charles Hotel in 1971 has become the Zagame Corporation - one of the Australian hotel and service industry’s most respected and well-known businesses. Zagame’s have been instrumental in the development of some of Australia’s most exciting venues including the Matthew Flinders Hotel, Riversdale Hotel and Skyways International.

Victor started out with the simple idea of providing families with top quality food, great service and an atmosphere that was otherwise unavailable at the time; an alternative to the dark, dingy corner pubs of Victoria’s suburbs. Families have since embraced the beautifully appointed venues with a swathe of imitators popping up around the country but never equaling the original and timeless Zagame style.

Over the years, Zagame’s have single-handedly set the standard for many venues of their kind nationwide, improving on Victor’s original ideals to produce a stable of award winning dining, entertainment and accommodation venues with stellar reputations.

Today Zagame's continues to grow, with new flair and innovations from Victor's sons, Victor Jnr and Robert Anthony, offering attractions that range from cool, casual lounge bars with entertainment facilities to beautiful dining rooms and children’s play areas, international resorts and more.